minor bite from feral kitten

United States
August 23, 2006 8:24am CST
I work at a local elem. school where people frequently drop off unwanted cats. We have taken care of them as they appear and found homes for many of them. Recently, a mother cat appeared with at least 4 kittens. They appeared to be about 6-8 weeks old. They found housing underneath our school building. The mother appears thin, but seems healthy and scarfed up the food we put out for her. The mother also has a sweet temperamnt and allowed us to hold her and pet her. The kittens seemed a bit wild and scared. In trying to gather them up, I was bitten on the thumb. Not a big bite but I guess enough to have exposed me to whatever the kitten may be carring, which I doubt is much. But as always, the concern is rabies. Since I sought help from out school nurse, she had to report the bite. So animal control came out and caught the mom and her kittens. Very kindly, I should add. They are now in quanrantine. My question is this, should I go ahead and receive the postexposure rabies shots or wait until the quarantine is up? My doctor says to wait, but I'm just a little anxious about it. The kittens did not seem to be ill, just scared. Further, is there any chance I can get this family back from animal control after the quarantine is up to give them to a rescue group we have contacted. Thanks.
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@harish4u (1393)
• India
21 Nov 06
may be or may not be u just consult the rescue team for better condition
@nextgen (1888)
• India
25 Sep 06
I have found no reponse to this post from last 4 weeks... So just thought if we can respond to this post and make this post alive... So request all to put up their value reply