Summer Knight

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October 5, 2008 6:23pm CST
I have been currently listening to the Summer Knight by Jim Butcher on audio book while I run around and do chores through out the house. So far I find the Dresdin series quite comedic and sarcastic and very enticing. I love have Harry always always seems to get into bad situations and then they go extremely worse before getting any better. This particular book is about Harry ended up an emisary for the winter court to find the killer of the summer knight which the queen of the winter court has been accused of. I don't want to spoil the book for anyone so those of you who have read this book what did you think of it? How do you feel about the writing style that Jim Butcher uses? And would you go out and buy the next book in the Dresden series? Thanks ahead of time.
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29 Nov 08
I LOVE love love the Dresden Files. I recommend them to everyone who reads fantasy, especially Harry Potter fans, since there are so many similarities....Harry Dresden is like a grown up Harry Potter. I already have Small Favor on order from to be shipped as soon as it's released in paperback in March (I don't like to read hardcover books for pleasure). So far, of the first nine books, Summer Knight was probably my favorite. I really enjoyed all the fae politics and the ending is pretty spectacular. And Kudos to Butcher for writing the whole series in first person POV. That is such a hard perspective to maintain in a short story (partly because of the lack of omniscience) but for ten+ books? Amazing! But the series wouldn't have been nearly as effective without it so good for him for figuring that out and tackling it anyway.
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5 Dec 08
I liked Summer Knight alot too. I think you might want to try Richelle Mead She was actually mention on a Dresden sight.