Vcast how do you use it?

United States
October 5, 2008 6:38pm CST
Ok I have verizon for my cell phone provider and I am on a family share plan. Yeah me which means I'm lucky enough not to have to pay for my phone. Thank you step dad. :)!!! I don't often download things but we had a family emergency a while back and I had to give my phone line to my step dad's parents for a month while they recouped in a nursing home when his mom fell and got hurt. For doing so and not compaining my step dad gave me back my line when they no longer needed it and gave me vcast abilities. So now I have the ability to down load only $20 a month of either video or music. I usually download more songs than videos. So what do you download videos or songs? How do you do you use vcast?
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