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October 5, 2008 6:42pm CST
Hey guys! Well, I kind of had a good sort of luck this past few days(and yeah my birthday went so good.) Well, my upline in 3 Cash Machine is a very good guy, and he promotes good programs to his downline. It so happened that he is promoting Workfor3dollars. And he really is good at promotions. So because I really don't have any dollar to spare, I emailed him, making a plea for a loan. But instead of a loan, HE gives the money for FREE! Man I can't believe my luck. So I signed up for the program, and yeah it's good. You just need to promote the site really well, in just two sign-ups, your $3 is paid off already. And it's a forced 3x?(I really don't know the depth) Matrix. The cool thing about this matrix program is that spillovers do really happen. My upline is a very good marketer, so he got me a spillover. Without advertising yet I got a downline? Cool, isn't it. If you are good in the walk and talk, then I recommend you try this program. Sadly it only works for alertpay members. 3 dollars is not that big if you think about it, and if you are really good, then it pays to do it. And yeah, before you affiliate marketing haters starts bashing me, I'm not giving my referral links here(even on PM) simply because I'm not really that good. I can't promise spillovers and stuff like that. I just want to share what I saw in the program. And of course, this program is also a list-builder. You can email your downlines and tell them about some good ones(like making them your referrals in your BUX sites) on the internet. And it goes down to the lowest level of your matrix, not just one level deep. So the bigger the empire, the better. To simply put it you're like making your own safelists of email addresses and getting paid for it, or so I think that's how it works. And yeah it will have to work in a few days, the site's having a script test. Well, that's all. Have a nice day.
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8 Oct 08
things always sound better than they are, might just it out dont know tho