What kind of people can have physical training?

October 6, 2008 12:34am CST
This term,I have choosen rock climbing in PE course. And considered that I'm not powerful enough, so I got a plan to take some strength exercises, then I asked a male friend of mine if he have a dumbbell to lend me. Can you guess what's his answer? He said that I was too thin to take exercises,what I should do now is to get weigh not to take a physical exercise. I really can't understand his thoughts.I acknowledge I'm truly thin, but i'm in a good health and seldom ill. I have tried to get weigh,but no matter how much I have eaten,I just cannot get at least a pound. I am thin, but does it means I can't take an exercise,have physical training? What do you think of this?
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• Philippines
6 Oct 08
Should consult a nutritionist and a physical therapist, gym instructor. They know what's the best thing for you to do. you can do yoga, it's less physical but it is very good. Happy posting!!
• China
6 Oct 08
Thank you for your response and advise, I will take it. By the way, I just can't stand that he looks at me in a different light.
• Philippines
7 Oct 08
Don't listen to him. Just do what you wanted to do.