What do you usually do when your sad?

October 6, 2008 2:49am CST
Please help me.. I am so sad today... I have some problems and my work is affected because of my mood... I wanted to shift my mood but it is so hard... WHAT WILL I DO?! please help...
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• Philippines
6 Oct 08
Hey there! You got serious problem there. you can tell about your story by writing "dear friend" of GMA. LOL. You can go out with your friends, have fun, go to the mall with your peers, have a drink if you like. Think of your family. Gave them your attention instead of putting your self down. Why are you sad in the first place?
• Philippines
7 Oct 08
heart problems... sigh..
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
19 Oct 08
hey there..you ok now? its been 2 weeks since u posted this one.. so hows everything? Ive had the hardest month of my life too. And much bcoz im brokenhearted. And since im so overwhelmed with my emotions i had to struggle to do a good job. Its pretty hard though.. but then all i did was pray. trust me I think God was a little bit fed up with all my whining and tantrums. hope your doing well now..
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
Don't pressure yourself. Do something that will make you as happy as you are don't be problematic things can get any better if you think happily. God never gives a problem you cannot solve. God give you such problem to solve and accomplish everything. Don't problem the problem if there are so many solutions around you just grab it and take it easy. Smile and don't let your ego pull you down most especially don't let your work be affected with those problems. there are solutions promise! you just have to think twice or a thousand times. you'll see!
• Philippines
9 Oct 08
sad? sadness is only in your mind, but always try to cheer up.mood? it's only depend on you on how you will put your self in a good mood,try to listen music's and think about good moments in your life,don't be affected to much...huhuh.
@tonytt2009 (1706)
• China
6 Oct 08
As you mentioned,bad mood~~sad~one of my option will be forgeting all the job relatd issue and doing the things I like,such as play games,doing sports and shopping~~wlol`~or,I will continue my job harder even though I'm sad!as people said:"Like cures like~"Good luck my friendBe happy anyway``