do men want to marry women who earn more?

@qwe123 (253)
October 6, 2008 6:07am CST
do you think a couple should be well matched in social and economic status? for guys, do you want to go out with girls who earn much more thanyou do? and girls, do you like being with guys that earn less than you? i think this depends mostly of the character of a person. there are for sure some peole who consciously search rich people. especailly those which are millioneres. but that is relative rare. in my opinions, a couple should be balanced on the whole things, what my mean is that if a man is in higher social status or has much money, his wife should have a nice appearance, or born from a wealthy family. something like that, adversly it is the same. almost every girl hopes to look for a guy who is able to earn a block of money. but for man it is not. he is afraid of marry a women who can earn more becase of the banlancing family relationship although he doesn't hate money. in fact, the key is that what is you love him or her. for me, as a girl, i do mind if my bf earns less htan i and i feel he also will feel embarrassed. however, if i have a chance to earn more, i would like to accept it, because i think our future home needs us to work hard toggether, no matter i think mmost people i think do no much care of money, though unconsciously it may be nfluencing osme decisions, even if you whiched you would only consider the love between each other. so money may be a factor, but surely not te only.
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