Jammin' in Jamaica!

October 6, 2008 6:18am CST
I went once on a work trip to Jamaica and the country was not as I expected it to be! There are a lot of people who say it isn't safe and how dangerous a place it is but, I didn't find this at all. I actually found so many of the locals to be very friendly and the only thing I found was that if you go to the wrong places it might be unsafe but, really this is only the same as if you went to places in your own country that you know are not safe or have high crime rates. I would highly recommed anyone to visit here as there is just so much to do for everyone! Has anyone her at mylot been or been put off going? If you have been I would love to know what you thought and where abouts you stayed? : )
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@sanayab (34)
• Jamaica
24 Oct 08
I live in jamaica and i hate when people who have never been hear talk trash about us. we are no better or worst than anyone else. I advise all foriegnars to come here and judge for themselves
25 Oct 08
Exactly!! Where I live not even that far from my home there is a particular area that everybody knows is not safe and then people tag the whole of that city andnsay it's not safe because of it and really how can they say that about the whole city just because of one street?? That's why people who say Jmaiaca is bad are probably the ones who have never been or happened to go and went to one place where maybe crime is higher and they base their whole opinion of the country on that one place!! I loved it in Jamaica and I'm sure when money allows me to get over there I will return!! : )
@leenie50 (3992)
• United States
9 Oct 08
Hi frankie, It's good to hear a positive description on a place I haven't been and think that if ever given the opportunity, I would love to visit. I agree with you about judging a place by rumors. It does an injustice to everyone. Thanks for setting the record straight. leenie
9 Oct 08
Glad to hep ; )
7 Oct 08
i have been to jamaica many times montego bay,negril,ochi,kingston was there 2007, i agree with you its dangerouse in every place you just have to use a bit of comon sense, i hope to go there again in december, i originaly stayed at the sunset beach spar resort 5 star the food was good and the hospitality was even better,people very friendly but i prefered the real jamaica outside the hotel complex when i stayed downtown kingston, and realy lived like a jamaican, i stayed with a faimily, i so love the food the sweet potato plainten, achee n salt fish, fresh mangos mmmmmm yum, are you going there again?
8 Oct 08
I stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios and also the Couples Negril - both were greta for different reasons! I would LOVE to go back but not when that will be as it isn't cheap to get to from here unfortunately and moeny is something I don't have a lot of! : (