Any Mylotters Has Witnessed UFO?? Read the Real Fact!

October 6, 2008 11:44am CST
Nebody has witnessed a UFO{Unidentified Flying Object}. May be in your backyard or when travelling by airplane. Did you know, out of 100 percent population in USA, 65 percent of people has witnessed UFO! Some have seen it when they were travelling by an airplane, some have seen it the blue sky hovering around, some have seen it in thier backyard, some with telescopes. UFO visits are increasing rapidly. It is true. In discovery and history channel, they provided some real UFO videos that passed over the earth. It was really amazing to see. And they also showed us some fake videos created y stupid humans. They do exist. You just imagine, we are located in the Milkyway Galaxy. It is known that more than 100 billion galaxy's exist. So if we are the only one in the milkyway, it is possible that other life forms exist in some other Galaxy. It is said that they are 4 decades forward to us in reality. It is easy for them to visit Earth but not for us. So just imagine, they can travel more than the speed of light. Humans have just learned how to travel in speed of light but personally no human being has travelled through speed of light till date. Some may believe all this stuffs as fake coz they dont want to see the truth and get scared. But the reality is that even the Government knows everything about it. They are trying to hide it from the public. The reason behind this is that they feel that the public will panic and all types of rumours will be spread. In History channel, they also proved that the Governments know about it. The famous Roswell Crash in 1947 was a real story. Recently, you must have heard in news channels that an Astronaut who was in the Appollo 11 told the media that Aliens really exist and they have met them also. When they had visited the moon, they had seen flying saucers flying here and there. He also said that aliens are not hostile they are good people just like us. He also stated that the Roswell Crash was not fake. They had found a body of an alien who died in the crash. When contacted NASA, they denied by saying we dont know why he is saying this to media. The astronaut who told this is currently aged 95 and obviously he is retired. Neways, I have found more such interesting facts about Aliens and will soon post many such interesting facts. Enjoy! Happy Mylotting!
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• United States
7 Oct 08
While I dont believe the have the ability to come here, i once say a bright light in the sky that couldnt possibly have come from anything in our naighborhood