i miss my parents and the spicy snacks........

October 6, 2008 12:34pm CST
my parents are in india and all my relatives are in india. i really miss them and specially mother with whom i use to spend more time and going here and there to my relatives place and more and i would had nice time with my parents and relatives. and the kind of food we eat is spicy and i really the chats what we get in india and the more of junk food which is really tasty and i like them moreand i miss those. are there anyone like me who stay far from their native and miss their parents and food of their place? please share your experiences.
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@jayoti (66)
• United States
6 Oct 08
Yea, those of us who all are living far from India do miss our country very much. And moreover when there is a social gathering or some festival we miss them a lot.
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• India
7 Oct 08
yes you are right and it happens even to us to at our festivals we remember our parents, friends and relatives and also the environment in india during festivals are really different and there is a different kind of feeling and really miss them all and we remember them every point of time. recently there was eid and we missed all this and we could only speak over phone and thats set as i have a small son at home i could feel its eid or else it might have become even more dull and no life in eid. and i think there are more hindu festivals now a days and my friends here also celebrate theirs and even they miss their family and the environment in india and i think most of us who are away from their native places feel the same. i am now just waiting for a vacation to india may be in december in which place are you into ?
@jayoti (66)
• United States
10 Oct 08
currently i am in the USA