What a let down

October 6, 2008 4:58pm CST
We had been wanting to go to Disneyland Pairs for a long time, and finally we decided it was now or never - so we booked up and went. Now I'm not suggesting the kids didn't enjoy themselves, because they thought they were in heaven, but to us it could have been so much better! Lack of information: We only found out about the Princess for a Day activity after we got back in a questionnaire from Disney. Hotel accommodation: We used one of the Disney hotels, and we had a family room. It consisted of two double beds very close to each other, which meant when the kids went to sleep, we had to go to sleep too. No kettle in the room - you have to use room service. Food outlets: So expensive, and the quality was questionable. Every lunch time was costing us over 50 euros,, sometimes up to 90 euros. Bonus time: If you stay in a Disney hotel, you are allowed in the park early - but quite a few of the rides aren't open then, and you don't know that until you've spent time walking around the park looking at all the rides - very annoying. Yes I did complain, but they said I complained too late, so they weren't going to do anything! Thankyou - rant over.
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