Young Filipina marrying Old American

October 6, 2008 7:37pm CST
Here in the Philippines, it is now the growing trend young Filipinas getting married with an old American. The marriage might be questioned, but the common reason to get the family out of poverty. It sounds so evil, using another person in order to get out from poverty and live like a rich. But is it worth it? Spending couple of years with an old American? Knowing he has few years left in his life? Even the parents are trying to influence their daughters to go online and chat with old americans with a big bank account. As if marriage is becoming some sort of investment with the hope it will grow big in the long run.
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• Australia
13 Mar 11
i am 51 and Gf 19 their is still lot of life in her,just hope she can keep up with me.
@SomeCowgirl (32264)
• United States
26 Nov 08
I am not sure about the Filipans or their culture. You know they say people of a certain race act a certain way? Well I know that's not true, I mean, anyone can act in any way, but that's beside the point... I don't know the ladies of the culture act, and I don't know the people who influence them, influence them. You also know the movies where it shows a woman just after a man's money? ... I think that that is evil, but if a person truly loves another then it doesn't matter what they have or own.. using people for money is wrong though... and if that is all the woman is after, then it's still wrong.
• Indonesia
19 Nov 08 is simple...they are wh0res,BORN WH0RES,fcked in the mimd!! so PLEASE STOP promoting your girls as the most beautiful,faithful,great wives among other races,just look at the fact!!!they only after those old crusty men's money. they are the biggest users. helping family is good,but selling their asz is same thing with wh0res do...ok