Which is Your Favorite Movie with Donnie Yen?

@thuhuong (828)
United States
October 7, 2008 12:10am CST
I haven't seen a lot of Donnie Yen movies in the States but from the newer generation of martial arts actors I really appreciate Donnie Yen. His style is hard to define and quite captivating on screen. I put him in my top three next to Jet Li and Jackie Chan. So far, the Fist of Fury series brought his fame mainstream. I've read he's currently choreographing a French action series. What have you watched so far of Donnie Yen that you like?
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• China
7 Sep 09
2008,YIP Man 2007,Flash Point 2005,ShaPoLang 2006,Dragon Tiger Gate
@thuhuong (828)
• United States
3 Feb 10
These films were great action. I was able to watch them online as well.
• China
8 Oct 08
it's hard to say which film with Donnie Yen i like best, by the way, i'm from china. in china, people also take “???”-chinese name of Donnie Yen for special martial arts actor. just like you said, it's hard to define his style. but in china, he's not quite popular,compared with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. i don't think the film-Fist of Fury has brought fame to him, maybe he gained fame in hollywood by this film but in china just few ppl pay attention to this film. i am really happy to know that American people like Donnie Yen so much.
@thuhuong (828)
• United States
9 Oct 08
He hasn't got around to Hollywood but he has the looks and his movies are very popular at Blockbuster. I just like finding those rarities and it also serves a purpose to see artistic endeavor put into great action.
@victorywp (3526)
• Malaysia
8 Apr 10
donnie yen shares the same age with jet li but donnie is really active in releasing action films especially in these recent 3 years (2008-2010) where he received 3 films offer (on average) for each year. i like spl: sha po lang especially when he fought with wu jing. they are really fast. ip man 2 will be released in hong kong at the end of this month (april 2010).
@iamsree (441)
• India
14 Feb 09
I like donny yen but i haven.t seen much of his movies. i have seen his movie The Outlaw in which plays as Fei Wong the legendary master and doctor.In one of the movies in Once upon a time in china he played the role of a general.In the english film Highlander:Endgame he had a impressive role...
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
7 Oct 08
SO far, it has got to be Flashpoint ^_^ It was his last fighting movie b4 the current movie, Painted skin.. I like his way of fighting as it's a completely different kinda school he belongs to ^_^ As compared to jet li and jackie chan, donnie yen's fighting are much more real and he belongs to the type whom submits ple ^_^ Other than Flashpoint, i also like, SPL, whereby it's starring Sammo hung too, and there was a fight scene between them too.. haha =D So whenever i have time, i iwll go toyoutube and just watched the fight scenes from both movies ^_^ hehe