I feel sad when my ever best friend nearly forget I ^

@fangqin (142)
October 7, 2008 12:54am CST
she was one of my best friends.When we were youny ,we went to school together everyday and we played games often.I do enjoy the time we spent together,However ,as we grew up,we left each other an went to different schools and different cities.We didnt contact with each other for a long time.Now She may almost forget.I am regretful about this and decide to tell her that I cherish our friendship!
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• China
7 Oct 08
it's not suprising. i felt sad before. i have sme best friends who now never contacted with me. for example, i have a best friend when i was in university. after we graduated, sh worked as a teacher in her hometown. i came and worked in the city which is near her city. first, i was very happy, i though we got closer. but when i contacted her, she was not willing to reply my call and message, i felt alittle sad about this. when we contacted online, i told her that where i was, she said"i knew". but she never invited me to go to her home or never asked me to play with her. i felt sad about this. but now, i'm not. i have cleared who i can make friend with, who i can trust, who is worth me t keep in touch.
@jsloh1989 (181)
• Singapore
7 Oct 08
I guess that's life. When we grow older, our friends leave us and new friends settle into our life. Over the years, I've lost a lot of friends as well. I don't blame them, but I can't blame myself either, because it takes two hands to clap. Well, some things cannot be help. Don't brood over it.