Has this ever happened on your special day?

October 7, 2008 2:35am CST
Its your special day that you been waiting for more than a month and ready with the best of outfit to wear that day. You did each detailing about what bangles and ear rings to wear with the dress.The special day arrives,you get up excited and start getting ready.By the time you are almost ready,it starts getting late.Hurriedly you snatch your bag ,and rush to wear your footwear,and there........O my goodness.The strap of your prized sandal snaps off and you are left frozen.Now what to do? There is no time and so you wear an old,off colored footwear and curse your luck.LOL.Sad yet funny.This is what happened with me last week. Have you too experienced anything of this kind ? Yes ? Sad, so bad,isn't it?
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