stereotypes? what is your opinion about this discussion?

@qwe123 (253)
October 7, 2008 8:10am CST
it is quite true that steretypes are used to represent most o the people in one group, and some excepotions will not make you douct the steretypes. i was working in a cafe once.which also required me doing some cooking. i gained 10 pounds after ending that job, and that was just a part time job. i cna not imagine how fat i will become if i contine doing that job. you always get hungry when you smell the freshly cooked food. maybe that is why most of the cooks are guys since girls never want to be fat. and if there is a good looking and well shaped guy appears as a cook, no wonder he can get that opular. this is a little embassing, once upona time, i always thin americans are the most openminded creatures. however, the chinese are the most traditional race in this world thiskind of stereotype is with me for almsot ten years. to me,i think there is all about it, there is always the food and rice issue. maybe i am indeed an old school. this opinion of mine actualy is wrong the openminded guys are al over the whole world. no matter americans or italians or the chinese also in china, even some of the pure chinese also are it oriented in their lives, this is totally true. i guess, when you grow older and have experienced a lot, these stereotypes are destroyed by their wrong essence.
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7 Oct 08
Over-eating will bring on the weight. All it takes is closing our mouthes and NOT putting food in. Stereotypes will always exist because we differ in appearance. Our life styles make us children of habit. It bothers me to see the health issues that many people face and ignore. Being over-weight is one of them. And, we don't need anything but will-power to help us lose weight. It bothers me to see an over-weight person in a grocery store stocking up on macaroni & cheese. I can see their health evaporating while their weight goes up. And we all know that their self-esteem goes down as they pile on the pounds.