Tough financial times

United States
October 7, 2008 12:05pm CST
Now that all of this crap is going on here with banks and stuff , I find that I am really paniced about trying to make money any way that I can. I have been sewing and trying to sell stuff from out of our house that we have not used for a while. I have been sewing cloth diapers and mama pads and trying to sell them. I have sold a few and have a tiny bit of money in paypal. I just cannot stop the worry.
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• Malaysia
7 Oct 08
Try ebaying your sewings and also stuff you do not use at home. You probably can fetch more in ebay.. :) alternately, you can try babysitting and tutoring. :) Other than that, you can try looking for market research companies in your area to see whether they'd like you to do some part time jobs for them, whether the job would be mystery shopping or surveys, or data entry. :) I do hope this helps you.
• United States
7 Oct 08
First and foremost, take a deep breath. As long as you have less than $250,000 (the bailout bill raised the limit) in your bank account, you are insured. Therefore, you can keep using your bank just like you always did. If you could pay your bills before, you can pay them now, regardless of what is going on with the banks. So, don't worry there. Your sewing is a great way to make a little cash to build up your savings. Check out Etsy if you haven't already. It's kinda hard to make sales there, but it is another outlet to get sales. IN the meantime, look over your budget and see where you can cut a bit. Eat out one time less a month. That is no hardship but is a saving. go to one less movie. Again, no hardship but a savings. Also, use coupons wisely. Don't just use a coupon because you have it. But, if it is something you need, watch for when it goes on sale, then use your coupon then to increase your savings. Figure out your savings each time your grocery shop (including any store club card savings), put that away in savings. Having that savings account cushion will help your peace of mind a lot. The main thing is, keep calm. You can get through this just as you have been getting along until now.