Life is the BEST Teacher....How far do you agree with this....???

Life Is the BEST Teacher - life is always the best teaher.....u comments...??
October 7, 2008 4:45pm CST
Life teaches us many lessons of life...infact it is because of this life only that we all learn and teaches amd life survives....well Our life is the biggest treasure and it is because of this life only that we are experiencing the human facts.... LIFE IS THE BEST TEACHER.....It teaches me a teaches me that i am not a good daughter....i am an irresponsible student.....yet it told me and make me realize that i am a good human... what are your views?????
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• Philippines
8 Oct 08
Hello! To me, life has full of experiences. Growing up from being a kid then into a mature person makes our life create its own chapters as we take challenges, risks, struggles and the bliss after obtaining the fruit of labor. We are taught in school to develop knowledge and create young ideas so we can become good students. Our brain will store more complex ideas and knowledge, thus replacing our young ideas as we grow old. We learn new and odd things from every people we meet, from historical and new-found places, from the modern technology and the like, each day. We are trained to do our work so that we can become good workers. We are taught to love and to hate. We are taught with values and self-esteem. We get our inspiration from someone we admire (like our parents, crush, grandparents, idols, friends etc.), thus we feel influenced, motivated and inspired to do our tasks to impress them or make them happy. We learn from our mistakes when we realize which is good and which is bad. Life definitely is the best teacher. It teaches you experiences that you have encountered and will encounter more in the future. Life shapes you as a human being, as a better person. Life molds you into what you are and it's what you do that defines you. Happy Mylotting!
@sanjo0679 (225)
• United States
8 Oct 08
Personally, I've learned more from life than any education could ever provide. We've all made mistakes in our lives and, hopefully, have learned from these mistakes. Some people never learn from their mistakes and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. You reach a point in life when you need to look back over your life and realize what valuable lessons you've learned.
@Valenas (1510)
• United States
8 Oct 08
Going from the John Locke's view that people are born as blank slates, I must say that I agree. Although, this idea is kind of abstract at best, and it would be inhumane to put the idea to the test (unintentional rhyme). Locke said that experience is what is written upon these blank slates, and the idea makes sense to a degree. People's experiences are the best teachers in life, whether direct or indirect. Direct: A child touches a hot stove, and knows not to touch it again. Indirect: A child watches his brother get a spanking for refusing to pick up his toys. The child watching the punishment keeps his toys put away. I was trying to think of some other example that could override this idea, but everything that I have thought of has life experience involved that we learn from, and use to shape our morals and behavior.