Satellite Broadband providers

@toosh21 (800)
October 7, 2008 5:13pm CST
This is for those in Australia...I currently have Dodo dialup with the speed accelerator and am wanting to upgrade to broadband. Where I live we can only get dialup, satellite broadband or wireless broadband. I have looked into it and decided satellite as it isn't as dear as wireless and I am wanting to keep the cost down. I have found a few that are reasonably priced and we are covered under the Australian Broadband Guarantee so we don't have to pay for installation and setup. I think I have decided on Wideband Networks ( as they seem to have the best prices with no lock in contract and was wondering if anyone has dealt with them before & could tell me what they are like. There are 2 more I was looking into that are close in price to Wideband - Harbourit ( and Skymesh ( so if anyone has dealt with them before any feedback would be great also. Thanks, Toosh
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