What do you think happens to you when you die?

United States
October 7, 2008 6:38pm CST
Do we get reincarnated? Does nothing happen? What happens to our soul when we die???
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@duranv (517)
• Honduras
8 Oct 08
That is a very difficult question cause nobody can answer it, maybe you just die and that's it, I like to think that when you die it will be like if you're waking up from a dream and you are then where you really belong.
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
8 Oct 08
I think something is there for us to look forward to but i don't think we are meant to know until it is out time, I have watched people in a nursing home and one being my own mother,after seeing how they react beofre they pass away and the things they say they see i believe peoples souls linger around loved ones as a type of guide, when my father passed away I went to a spirit sketcher and she drew the spirit guide that was standing behind me although he was an American Indian he had my fathers face...I believe we just have to wait but I also think it will be worth the wait...