Do you believe internet relationships can be real relationships?

United States
October 7, 2008 9:21pm CST
A lot of people, these days, seem to be finding love through the internet. To me, that seems to be riskier than meeting people in real life. A person can come across as something totally different on the internet than who they actually are. Though, on the other hand, people can become closer on the internet than they might in real life. Through IMing and emailing, I have found it easier to open to people, to show who I really am. To find someone who still loves you/loves talking to you, after knowing all your secrets is a wonderful thing. I, myself, have been in one internet relationship that I considered to be a real one. I've never met him, but, we've chatted a lot online, chatted through webcams/mics, and talked on the phone. We still talk. I've known him for over a year now. There was one point I was sure I had real feelings for him. I'm pretty sure I still do. He's seem me at my lowest (which is PRETTY low) and he hasn't given up on me. He is one of my best friends, I can't imagine life without him. So, what about you? Have you went looking online for love? Have you created any bonds with people you know only through the internet? Have you ever met any friends you've made online?
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@bunnybon7 (37915)
• Holiday, Florida
8 Oct 08
i have met a few. one im just friends with. one turned me off from ever meeting online men any more. one 3yrs ago. i met online in AZ. we had a 9mths relationship. got on great. suddenly because i refused to marry and just wanted to stay his girlfriend, he broke up with me. said he needed to find a life partner. oh well.
16 Oct 08
I have met a few people too that have met over the internet t!!!!. Some people cannot believe its real because you actually dont know the person at all. I think that the only way to meet a person is living with him or her. Although I have seen some successul marriages that have met in the chat. The other day I was watching tv and there was a programm about some people that looks for a couple in the Jail web page. It sounds absurd for most of us but its real. Some people get satisfy by the fact that there is someone that is thinking about them.
• Belize
12 Oct 08
ha ilove this discussion i am thinking can this really be happening becausing i am looking for an internet friend to develope into a real relationship and your response so far are intresting very intresteing please continue i got my eyes and ears open for every posting glenford in belize peace out love you all//////
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
12 Oct 08
Yes they can develop in a real relationship if they meet in reality. If it stays online only it does not has a chance to grow.
@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
For almost two years how time flies and really happy. I met my gf from the chat first we became really friends from the start, the hello and hi never stop me knowing her more, that time I was really far away from her. Strange feelings after days and hours, weeks,and months I never thought I will be in love with her and I did. I begun calling her up on her cell phone really tried telling her that I am falling in love with her, I courted her and waited to hear her say yes. When she answered me yes I was really jumping for joy. No relationship is perfect, don't you think so? Still we tried fixing it when we do have problems specially were so far away from each other. It wasn't easy to show love but I tried. After 6 months waiting for the proper time to be with her, really be with her I really decided to really be in Manila where she lives, and look for a job, just not to be that far away from her anymore. The first time I saw her I was really excited, The firs6t time I met her whole family, and it was very nhice to know them all. God she was different from the pictures she looks really sexy and smart personally, Now were almost their planning to get married soon. I never wanna loose her, and I wanna share and spend my life with her, for better and worst, till deathe do us part. I know some people will feel our story strange, but if it was really meant for you it will just happen. I love her more each day. Have a nice day!