I want green and orange bread!

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October 7, 2008 10:36pm CST
Can anyone tell me how to make green colored bread and how to make orange colored bread? I am having a Halloween party this year where I will be offering refreshments. It is an adult party, but I do not want to have refreshments that look like eyeballs or other gross stuff, mainly because I am very squeamish and have a week stomach and eating or seeing other people eat gross looking refreshments will make me queezy. So I am having things that are Halloween related, but not gross. For one of these refreshments I would like to have some little mini sandwiches in Halloween shapes. Such as sandwiches shaped like witches, some shaped like ghosts and some shaped like pumpkins (jack o lanterns). I will do this by make normal sized sandwiches and they using Halloween cookie cutters to cut them into shapes. White bread is great for the ghost shaped sandwiches, but I think it would be cool if I could get orange bread for the pumpkin shaped sandwiches and green bread for the witch shaped sandwiches. I hate baking or cooking, but I was thinking that maybe I could get some easy to fix bread mixes and mix in some orange or green food coloring to them when I prepare them. Can anyone tell me if this would work? If not, do you have know of anything that will work? Do you know of any types of bread that I could buy and find easily (at most any food store) that is green or orange in color? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get some orange colored and some green colored bread?
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@k1tten (2320)
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8 Oct 08
Food coloring would work. No doubts about that. You may just have to add a little more if you wanted a really rich color. There is always a dry dye I believe that cake makers use too that could possibly work if you add it to the dough. And maybe candy maker's color gel. That could work also.
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12 Oct 08
I didn't think of dry dye or candy makers gel. Thanks for the suggestions.