Non- Christians, What is Your Honest Advice to Christians?

United States
October 8, 2008 12:05am CST
If you have ever experienced christian people and you are not a christian now I would like to respectfully ask what went wrong? Were you hurt by a christian person or put off for another reason? As a christian I want to know why there seems to be a lot of hatred for us. This is purely research and will have no blasting comments from me. I can not control what others post but I do ask that all comments are kind, honest and respectful. The truth of actual personal experience is what I hope to hear about.
1 response
• India
13 Oct 08
my encounters with most christians were not happy ones. when it comes to religion & god they are not straight forward. most missionaries i have come across start on a wrong note like misinformation, lie to get someone converted to their fold. most christians do harbour hatred for the other faith without any valid reason, eventhough every faith from east is exceptionally superior to christianity in all aspects. christians need to accep the fact that others too have access to god and truth. christians need to shed hatred, jealousy before preaching. christians are not like christ. their understanding of christ is pathetic. christians need to desist from insulting other faiths and spreading lies.