Positive or Negative what mindset do you think?

United States
October 8, 2008 3:56am CST
A simple question with a twist, positves in life bring a positve life not just where your at or what you do but the way you think, speak and write, your mindset determines the atomosphere around you. Negatives of course are opposite if you think negative thoughts or your interests are of negative nature your life will revolve around this negativity, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes positives/negatives are hard to distinguish,can you?
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• China
8 Oct 08
generally speaking,there is sometime we can not distinguish between the negtives and positives.but most of the time,i can take them from each other.it is just a kind of feeling,which can not describe in word.
• United States
9 Oct 08
Thanks, for your comments WANGLIKOU i'm glad someone found interest in my topic.Your comments put a nice touch on what I was trying to express, you are correct some things can't be described in words its more of intuition in distinguishing positives and negatives.