what is your proudest moment in sports? welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 8, 2008 5:28am CST
what is your proudest moment in sports? i love badminton. so i play much time in playing it. when i hold the battledore, i felexciting. and i am also fond of watching the competition. it is a good idea for em to take a even small sort. however, it is about for 7 months since my last time playing on the playground. though my work doesn't heavy. i pay little time in SPORTS AS my quiet loving. the most time i spend beside the computer for chatting with friends, watching news and the blogs whoever written. i teld me i should take more sports after my gradute when iw as in school, but now. since got my job here, i saldem go out. actually i am so soft with my body that i ahte to do sports. the only one sport match i took part in my life was the 60 meters running race while my body that i was in the second year primary school. i do not need tos ay the result as it was clear. when i grow up. when i won the championship of pingpang contest. it was the proudest moment, but i did not pay more attention on it. and it is not a big deal either. i understand the importance of sports that health of a person is the most significant part in his life. i do sports everyday now and then.
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• China
8 Oct 08
well, that's good discussion. people should often take exercises while having time. just like you said, if wanting to keep ourself in good shape, we need to do sports from time to time. nowadays more and more people like to play computer game or chat with their friends on internet as "their exercises" rather than take exercises in reality. i am a new guy for this website but your discussion makes me realize that i am also guy taking "playing computer game and chatting with friends as my real exercise." in a word, if we want to keep fit,we need to take part in sports everyday!
• South Africa
8 Oct 08
Favourite sporting moment, when I scored a try! I'm not a big guy, I'm about 5'8/175cm and 61kg and I just snaked through there and when I hit the grass, I felt awesome!