the course and the student?

@qwe123 (253)
October 8, 2008 7:04am CST
this course is definitely unproper for the low level student, what they need is the basic course, if more simple courses are just not enough for them. obviously, there is no need for them to get in this special do not obsess to the glory and pride that the classes bring, just figure out if you are proper for them ahead of time. i think, there is nothing wrong with creating classes which ofter advanced knowledge for people who want to specialize on a particular subject, but these extra classes for people who have better scores than others is a bit unfair. for example. ite prodces emn who think themselves as something with priority, but actually with uncomplete quality. i use to be one in a talent class ina very famous high school, and i am a top student in the class. but u ahve seen my friends who were struggling just for stay safe ina th if someone ahs a bad week and has bad scores ina test. he might be bettter the next time. and both those who have bad scores and those who have good scores ahve the right of ahving the same quality of education. i think. i am not clever enough to obtain a chance to attend such a talent class. but i feel it is reasonable for some talents to accept the spcific training. i have seen my friends who were struggling just for stay safe in the class and they even ignored what is really important in real life. what is worse. the so called talent classes will eliminate student' creativity. it will produce man who only know how to follow others' rule. a real good school doesn't need talent classes to produce talent people.
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@dodo19 (34284)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
8 Oct 08
It is very intriguing what you say. It's from a point of view that is different than what I would imagine, but very interesting. Good job!