What is the best thing that you have done in your life ???

October 8, 2008 7:04am CST
Narrate the best thing that you have done till date.that makes you feel proud of.that is something which you always try to remember and thats wat you think is the best thing that you have done till date. Narrate it.... The best thing that i have done till date is to love my love. he is the best male in this world and with my love he is better than best. this is the best feeling that i have got..whats yours
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@rainmark (4306)
8 Oct 08
I think the best thing happened to my life is when i was became successfull in my studies, when i graduated with an award from college that's one of the best thing. Then when i married to my husband,the love of my life,my comedian, my hero, my everything. He means alot to me. Then when i gave birth to my baby boy, to our number 1 son. And also when the time that i and my parents are getting okay, the closeness is built again between us and lot more. Those things and things that happened to me are a gift from God. Im thankful to him for it. Happy posting.