Do you Utilize your local Thrift Shop?

United States
October 8, 2008 8:01am CST
In todays world of hard times have you found yourself using your local thrift stores? There are certain things that I refuse to buy used, which would be underclothes, socks, bathing suits,shoes and hair accessories. I am a thrift store junkie and I believe that it works great for many people. This year I went shopping for my son's school clothes a few items were actually brand new. I bout 40 pieces of clothing including pants, long and short sleeve shirts, a fall jacket and a winter jacket all for 90 dollars. Oh did I mention alot of these items were name brands? All in wonderful condition too. Last week my daughter told me she has a homecoming dance at the end of the month I put an add on freecycle. These kind of dresses are only worn once, I had gotten so many responses it was amazing. I figure right there I saved myself 100 dollars easy. So my question is do you utilize your local thrift shop?
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
8 Oct 08
My thrift shops know me by name! Yes I utilize them to the MAX. LOL They also call me up when they have some hot stuff in my family's sizes. I have myself and three children. My sons don't care too much what they wear as long as it fits basically so that is good. My daughter (13) LOVES fashion and I am already teaching her about how to use the thrift shops to her advantage. With the money she saves there she can get a nice pair of shoes or some accessories and "blingage" as she says. She got all her back to school jeans from thrift shops and also some really styling tops. There is one shop that it is $5.00 a garage bag which I love. Considering 10 pairs of jeans, couple sweater, tops, and a jacket for $5.00. What a deal! There is another that the stuff is really cheap and they have sunday deals for 20% more off. Been there and spent $20 and got 2 full outfits (a couple pieces still had original store tag still on them). All the name brands for peanuts. I think it is fabulous to do. Also for people who go through weight loss or gain like myself who in the last five years have really fluctuated through my weight, it makes sense cause it may not fit long. LOL Also many peole donate clothing to my children and when we are done I have families I also donate to so it all gets cycled. :)