'Star' wars - again!

Oxford, England
October 8, 2008 2:56pm CST
It seems to me, that every other day, someone has a right old go, a rant!, curse!, slanging match!, at no-one they actually know ... because they have lost a star on mylot - true? Right! Sometimes there are suggestions made about what can be done to remove, or adjust, the facility which enables any of us the mark someone's comment with a negative. It is frequently alledged that 'other people' mark you down for childish and silly personal reasons, other people say that they are going to leave myLot because of it. Whatever the reasons for people to become hurt and offended by the loss of a star, normally instigated by a collective of immature and childish jerks who take pleasure in depressing their mouse over the minus symbol, it seems to be a fact that myLotters do not like other myLotters having the ability to downgrade each other in such an easy, shallow and unidentified manner. Therefore, my point is this ... would it not be a reasonable thing for the owners of myLot to get their software engineers to simply remove the 'negative button' from the discussion window? This way, it would remove the facility by which these countless and mindless 'irritations' so easily become the equivelent to High Court Judges (self appointed of course). Further, it would force the theme of 'if you don't like it, don't read it' upon these inadequates, and it would free up the web links for only positive comments, whereby causing responses to earn their ratings through the effort of someone who is impressed enough to take the trouble to provide a positive click.
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@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
8 Oct 08
It's kind of silly, I know. But I think our earnings go up for better rated responses and discussions, so that might be part of the cause of the ratings things. I don't understand why people make such a huge deal out of it, though.
• Oxford, England
8 Oct 08
Hi there Sheepie, Neither do I, but you can empathise with them though, can't you! I mean, you, I, and a lot of others are able to converse quite easily through our text on this site - it takes but a minute or so to post our thoughts. Some people however, spend considerable time, and put a lot of thought into their entries, then post them, with genuine care about what they have just published ... and then, next day, with no explanation from anyone, they have lost something by which they felt recognised - one of their stars. So yes, I recon I can feel for them. I don't personally understand the adverse reactions fully, I don't need to, and I ain't no judge either, but I do understand the hurt people get when a symbol of their achievement has been revoked by someone whom they have never met. Thanks for your comment, hope all is well, GTG