Moving YUCK!!!!!!

United States
October 8, 2008 5:46pm CST
I just moved and now everything is all over the place. I am going crazy not knowing where to start. The only room that is done is my sons. I go to start one room then i end up in another room. Now i am just getting fustrated on how i am going to get this done. If you have any ideas on the best way to get this done. Please i am begging ( and i dont beg ) let me know. Where i should start. I am completely worn out. I just wanted to relax, but i start to look at things them i get mad cuz i know i need to do them. Thank you for listening to me. I think this helps out when you are fustrated. That way you can get others to listen to you.
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@fordgtdeb (131)
• Australia
9 Oct 08
good that u have your son room done so i would say start with the kitchen as u need to eat and want to be able to find eveything and dont go to another room until that one is done.i have moved alot of the years and sometimes interstate so i know how it is. Just have to try and stick to one room at a time but find that u need a bed setup thats first then make sure the kitchen is right as u need to eat then take it from there helps if u have someone to help though most times i had to do it myself.
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• United States
9 Oct 08
Thank you for the response i think that is a great idea i just got done with my room. Now i am going to work on the kitchen like you have suggested. I know it sounds funny, but i feel like i am a single mom and i dont know how to do anything. Well i might as well be lol. My other half says he is here, he will help. I know he has to work and i am fine with that, But when he is not working he is either sleeping or he is online.I think my son helps more then he does. Well i am going to go start doing that right now. I was tired i had to take some time and rest alittle. I thought i was going to pass out from all the moving and pushing myself to hard. Thank you for the advice.