Bariatric surgery

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October 8, 2008 6:37pm CST
Hey I was wondering if any of you mylotters have had or know anyone who has had bariatric surgery. If so, could you let me know some things about it? Thank you in advance...
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8 Oct 08
Well, I am a nurse so I have had patients that have undergone this type of procedure. As far as learning about it. I would say talk with your doctor simply because your own medical history prescribes wether you are a candiate or not. For instance- if you have a bad heart- this type of procedure may not be right for you, the same applies to bad lungs, etc... Your health dictates what you can and can not do. Have you tried other options- diet and excerise- those are truly the best ways to maintain your health and to be honest if you don't do those things after a surgery then the procedure is useless anyway. Is that the information you're looking for? If not- let me know and I'll see what I can come up with for you. Good Luck to you.
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9 Oct 08
How have your good candidate patients faired with recovery? Any complications from the low risk category? I so far am a very low risk. I have two small children and just cant seem to get the extra 125 lbs off. I really want to be healthy as I can for my children and for me, this is the way to get the weight off. I think I can maintain but with my birth control and my hypothyroidism it is next to impossible to eat enough less and exercise enough to shed that much weight. I have done the diets and exercise, I actually speed walked 5 miles per night for a long time and could only maintain my current weight. My metabolism is virtually non-existant. I just over analyze everything and of course worry about complications from every surgery I have and was wondering about the more recent surgeries and their complicaiton rates. Thank you very much for responding.
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11 Oct 08
If you are in good shape recovery should be fairly easy, I mean there is the standard surgery recovery involved but good health is the basis for a quick recovery. I know it can be difficult to shed pounds when you are heavy and the rest of your body is having a hard time carrying the weight- I just wanted to make sure you knew the options were there. I wish you the best of luck and please keep me posted concerning your surgery and how it goes. I will keep you in my prayers- hope that's okay.