Workfor3dollars might work, I'll inform you guys if it does pay.

October 8, 2008 8:35pm CST
Ever tried workfor3dollars? I'll inform you guys if the program is effective. Well, it's good if you find a very good upline, as the spillover goes to you. I've spent nothing so far on the program yet I have 2.24 in my account. If it goes over to $3 I'll try to cash out. If it works I'll try to sponsor someone. It is a very good program as you'll have the ability to email your downline up to the 15th level, so if you want to promote some let us say PTCs, you can do so. And it costs just 3 dollars, recruit two more and the $3 is back in your hands. I'm not giving my referral link unless I do sponsor you. If you want a referral link I'll give my upline's, because he got me 2 spillovers already, and one of that spillover got a downline which upgraded, and I earn .24 for that. Check out the site yourself and see how it can help you out. And by the way, most $47 and $97 programs(which is usually just an ebook that has resell rights and is just hard to sell to others) don't work, so don't go spending big money for that. I'll post another discussion about workfor3dollars after I receive my first payout. Workfor3dollars is a forced 3*15 matrix that is also a good list builder as it lets you email your downlines(sort of like a safelist). Have a nice day.
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