Do you tell your salary to anyone?

Hong Kong
October 8, 2008 9:42pm CST
Hi all, I think this is always an interesting question to ask. Do you tell and disclose this little secret to anyone? For me I only told this to my parents and girlfriend. And I know it's a rule not to ask and tell this to your colleague, as this may make you or him/her feeling uneasy after knowing that. It's because you know, everyone will try to compare their paid and effort, which someone may find out the unfairness between them on different people. I do tell the approximate amount to my best friends though. Do you protect your privacy and never tell this to anyone at all? Or instead, think it's no problem to disclose this to anyone?
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@sandra966 (269)
• Spain
11 Oct 08
I never tell anyone my salary - except my husband. Not even my mum knows. At my husband's work, they all know each other's salary - and they are usually different to each other. I don't think that is healthy. If you're not sure of how much other people earn then you can't be jealous or critical of the work they do. When you know that someone earns more money than you do, it can lead to you looking at exactly what that person does, and criticising when you feel they are not doing as much as you.
• Hong Kong
12 Oct 08
Hi sandra I agree with you that the main reason of avoid telling the salary is people would try to compare their salary and effort. It could bring conflicts and harm the peace between them. But if there's no conflicts on work nature bewteen the persons, it's just privacy that matters.
@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
9 Oct 08
Hey there! Well, I do not disclose my salary to anyone though. Especially in our industry where most of the experienced employees get a slightly bigger offer than the first timers. I just tell it to my family and real close friends (outside of work). I just give estimates as well to my colleagues and I always protect my payslips when it's given to us. We have different pays as we are on customer service and phone times vary from person to person so there is a 99% chance that we'll have different salaries. Every minutes counts so it isn't that helpful to compare salaries at all. Take care.
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@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
9 Oct 08
nope, never. that's too personal for anyone to know.