Do You Ever Have Contests Here

@KrauseHome (34982)
United States
October 8, 2008 10:00pm CST
with other members like off your friends list, etc. to see if everyone is up to a challenge of say like answer 50 discussions in a day, or respond back to at least 50 people in a day off your friends list, and such? I know there are people here who have done this in the past, and then report the next day if they have acheived that Goal, and try to get others involved here in that as well. Would you ever consider something like this, or do you just enjoy posting as you have time not having to worry about certain goals and such as well? I know for me, I could only do it on Mondays which is my day off, but it could be an interesting idea I might consider trying some Monday on here as well. What about you? ~~TINA~~
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@comfort55 (1574)
• India
9 Oct 08
I post or respond to discussions at my convenience and its my past time which I feel I am doing it in a constructive way. I have neither heard nor interested in these contests as I am preoccupied with other works. I don't want to take any tension by participating in these contest. LOL!
@pinklilly (3446)
• Australia
9 Oct 08
hmmm that's not a bad idea, it may motivate a few people... Instead of setting a goal for youself you are doing it with a friend... I suppose like saying you will go to the gym but never get around to it but if a friend was going to turn up each week to help motivate you, you would go.... I find it hard to find allot of time to spend here but it would be a thing to consider doing one time.. I try to set goals here but find it hard to keep up with...
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@evillo (98)
• Egypt
9 Oct 08
let's get down to it..many in here are prepared for such thing i can tell..just make an announcement and see how it goes
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@eaforeman6 (8983)
• United States
9 Oct 08
I tried to do that today! lol its a good idea and I dont know if we can have any contests.It would be great to get that many posts done too. There are probaly alot of peopple who would like to.
@GardenGerty (96618)
• Marion, Kansas
9 Oct 08
I have never participated in a contest or even an agreement with another member about the amount of work I would do on myLot. I did have one friend early on who challenged me to make twenty five quality posts daily to earn the money to invest in another wealth program. I try to do that, because it does make it sure that I reach my minimum payout. I just keep track with myself. That is pretty simplified for earning. Actually we earn for things that do not always show up as numbers in our rating. I will always run my own "experiments" on earnings and the like. I know that is not the same as a contest with a friend.