October 8, 2008 11:55pm CST
a question i would like to ask mylotters esp those into PTCs. if i dun get my alertpay account verified, i can only received payments but not withdraw them right? can i transfer the $ inside from my alertpay to another person alertpay account? if i can, what are the fees like. i hope someone familiar with alertpay can help me with it.
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@kiinin (336)
10 Oct 08
Hi there, I too have a AlertPay account which is unverified, I can't do any transaction, no making payment,no request money, deposit or withdraw funds, I can't even change my password. They said my account had to put on temporary hold till I verified it. Why? They already have my credit card verified, why so troublesome? Did you verify your account?
@Sephrox (397)
• Brazil
9 Oct 08
Can any alertpay unverified send money to an alertpay verified? I've tried to send money to a currency exchanger once, but i think he was an alertpay verified so i was unable to send the money...
• India
9 Oct 08
yes surely you can transfer the amount to ones alertpay account and i think you can also transfer it o you bank account if you give the details without verification.
@Mash99 (365)
• Pakistan
9 Oct 08
there is no problem. you can transact your amount. actually varification only enhanced your credibility as a merchant.
@maria_k (925)
• United States
9 Oct 08
yeah! you still get pay and even can transfer to your bank account if you add it to your profile. About the fee i am not sure what is the rate charge.