I am a bit confused on what I should do..

United States
October 9, 2008 12:35am CST
I had a horse a few years ago. The horse was sent to a horse dealer, with out cojntacting me first . My boss and I had had a falling out(This was a horse farm), due to issues with her. She was mad at me and sent my horse to this dealer to be sold. I tried for a week to get a hold of her and I did after a week. After talking to her,she told me that maybe I should sell him. I didn't have a job and I was thinking of moving out of state. I sadley agreed to sell him. He is a warmblood gelding.He was two years old and just had ground work done on him. She told me that I wouldn't get anymore then $1000 for him. Both of his half brother went for $2500 as yearlings. In the same week. My cousin offered to help me get a job were she works. She is the head dietier person in a nursing home. She also offered to try and make it so I coud move the horse to her place. She charges 150 for pasture board and is 3 miles from my parents house and 15-20 from my place. The dealer told me that she charges 125 for pasture board. I told her that was fine.She told me that she would take them money out of the cost of the horse when she sold him. I didn't like that idea. I plannned to pay her by month. Now her place is 45 minutes from my place. I was in the area one week and tried to call her so I could see my boy. I couldn't get a hold of her. So I headed over to her place. I got there to only find him gone. I was so scared as she told me about bring horses to a auction. She wanted to bring my boy with them. I told her no, that I want to meet with the people that wanted to buy him.I left a note at her place. She for the first time called me right back. She then told me that she had moved him to another field. She never contact me to tell me that she was going to do that. Now I know that my boy never had a coggin's done. I don't know why he was being moved around with out it.I told her that I need to meet with her because I had some money for her. That was to go toward his board. That was the last time I ever heard from her. I tried to get a hold of her and the phone was disconnected and she had moved all the horses. After thinking I had a lead for him after a year later it leaded to nothing. I got a phone call when I was out about a yearling and they called by my horses name. My mother thought it was very weird as they weren't clear about what horse thwy were talking about.They never called back. After two years of searching, I came across a stolen horse web page. I join there group and started posting questions.I never said any names. I also found out that this dealer was on this site for another horse that she did steal. That person got there horse back. She wouldn't tell them when they asked where the horse was. Well to make a long storie short,she emailed me after that facted. She told me to stop spreading lies and trying to run her business. Rememeber that I never said any names. She told me that she would sue me $1300 for back board. I asked her where this money was comeing from. Her reponse was that it was from the cost of him after the money from selling him. She won't tell me how much she sold him for. She also won't tell me where he is. I am wondering if she sold him more then she lets on or that she just sold him for any price just to get rid him. She also told me that she call me and I wouldn't call her back, because I owed her the $1300. He was there for 6 months. So she went ahead and sold him. I haven't slept well in the two years he has been gone. I am not out to get him back for nothing ( as she claim's). I just want to know the true and know that he is safe and healthy. I raise this horse from a baby and I love him very much. This just has me very up set. What should I do about this matter. I know I should get a lawyer. I am just worried about the 1,300. I know I shouldn't. I believe that she is using that to scare me or that she the amount she need's for bills. She also after talking to me disappear for a while and now has another farm she is selling under. This will be the third farm that she will be selling under. She stole from the last one and is months behind in payment on this farm. I don't have money to pay for a lawyer and the 1,300 with draining my account.
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@lou1982 (122)
10 Oct 08
i would get the police involved if she stole your horse she will get done by the police
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• United States
14 Oct 08
Well, to start with do yo uhave papers stating that this horse is yours? Second of all, did you have a boarding contract or anything with the owner of the farm? You first of all need proof that you owned the horse and then if she is charging you board, then you need to have a contract. A verbal agreement like that will not hold up in court. And to be quite honest, from reading this, it seems like all of this took place over 2 years ago. There really is not much the police can do at this point unless you have documentation in hand. It will only be a he said/she said issue.
• United States
16 Oct 08
I have no boarding agreement. Yes I do have papers. He is papered and my name is listed as owner. The person took off before I could get agreement. I have been on a stolen horse site and this person after 15 year got his horse's back. I have the breeder that can state that this horse is mine. She gave him to be as a gift.
@wangkai (798)
• China
9 Oct 08
oh, youn are best.i never have seen such a long post.i envy you and your writing.good lucky to you.