Funny moment with Bus travell

October 9, 2008 3:08am CST
hi friends some days ago i was travelling in the city bus. My destination is only 5 minutes away by bus. The conductor given me a ticket of Rs. 1. I don't have change at that time, so given 100 Rupees note. I have tried to find out for the change in my pocket, but not found. I ask him that i do not have any change, what to do? He pulled the bell and stops the bus. and ask me to stears down from that bus. And I have to do so, due to no change. I fill emborousment and had little smile in mind. I found seriously funny moment of my life. regards Viki
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
19 Nov 08
Hi Viki. I went on an overnight bus from Vilnius to Tallinn and it arrived at 06.30. The exchange booth wasn't open nor were any of the shops at the bus station. I got local currency from the ATM machine. Notes came out that were not small change. I got on a tram but the driver refused such a high value note. I had to get off because I couldn't buy a ticket. It should have been bought with coins from a machine. I had a long way to walk to my accommodation. Regards. Maxi.
• India
22 Dec 08
Hi maxi It happens sometimes and those thing remembered us for long time. By the way how many hours you are spending on net? How much money you have earnd from this site? Do you know another sites who pays for openion polls. Regards Viki
• Philippines
28 Dec 08
hi viki, I saw several times of the same situation you've encountered and I just felt sorry of the embarrassment but sometimes I blame in on the passengers which they know that they needed change for their ticket. Not all the time the conductor have change and so I say, see to it that you always have ready change for bus fare...Here in our country specially in Manila, There are really posters or written reminders for passengers to be always ready for their fare yet many still misses the point... I hope the incident will serve as awareness. Happy new year to you friend