do women easily changes mind?

October 9, 2008 4:33am CST
they say women are pickle minded being, they easily shift moods and double minded, they have this negative niche and impression to whatever things which they found doubtful...and they are prone to easily change their mind on things that they have decided and talk about...i presumed this is true but if not, what can you say so about this issue that woman do easily changes their mind?
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• India
9 Oct 08
yes i agree with you according to me a woman has 365 faces you never know when will they change their mind better be careful.
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• Philippines
10 Oct 08
aha! thats too much of a face...well i think you have to defend that view friend woman on this lot may pick and debate about this...thanks
@enavnai13 (509)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
i believe that is true to me... i am somewhat like that... hehehe there are times i can't really make up my mind and whenever i do, if somebody say something about it, it could change my mind... i don't really know if this is true to other women but to me, it is...