Suspect Broken Hand

October 9, 2008 7:39am CST
Hey folks, first post here, as ive been doin some research about my hand lol right ill try and make it short and sweet :D well, i was involved in a fight with my best friend at the end of march begining of april, and out of rage i punched a wall full force :( and instantly it swelled up like a ballon. i went to the hospital straight away, but the xray didnt show anything because of swelling, so i went to the docs a couple weeks after, and they said the bone was just bruised and it may take a month from swelling to go away, so i waited and waited, its now been 6/7months and im left with a masive boney lump on my hand, and it still causes me discomfort and ive lost all the strength in the hand. could i have broke my hand and they didnt notice? maybe the bone has healed on its own? but the lump is huge and so abnormal, something has to be wrong im currently waiting on yet more xray results just wondering if anyone has advice for me :D thank you
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