Action (Shop in the Netherlands and Belgium)

October 9, 2008 8:21am CST
I'm addicted to shopping at the action. They have all these nice things to make my house look beautiful and all these handy kitchen-stuff for not a lot of money. But the bad thing is: I buy to much! I have a lot of stuff now and all the time I see more nice things that I want to buy. It's not that it costs a lot of money, so thats not the problem (could be in the future, hihi)but I simply don't have the space for all this stuff. But I don't want to throw away stuff, because it's so nice that I can change my room all the time! I already have a salon-table that is a big box where I can put stuff in, but it's full! Does anybody else also love to shop at the action? And recognizes this?
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@mimico (3619)
• Philippines
9 Oct 08
Hi, I don't know what Action is. I know about IKEA though. :) Shopping for furniture and home decor hasn't hit me yet. Clothes and food are still my biggest expenditures, which is a good thing because I went to the furniture store with a couple of friends before and they spent so much money on very few pieces. Who knew that furniture could be very expensive?!
• Netherlands
9 Oct 08
Furniture can be very expensive! I know all about it! And it's so hard to choose what you want then, because with those prices you can better buy something you can keep for a while. But I don't buy a lot of furniture ;) I buy things like candles, fake flowers, things to use in my garden etc. etc. Just the small things! But I like IKEA also a lot! The furniture there isn't as expensive as in other stores. A friend of me is going to move out of her parents house soon, and she wants to buy stuff there, because it's not as expensive as in other stores. I like shopping with her at IKEA. I think if my boyfriend wouldn't hate IKEA (he really does) I would have bought a lot of stuff there too. Just because it's colourfull and stylish!