'll you prefer love or friendship?pls gimme a sugge'n to make correct decision

October 9, 2008 2:19pm CST
lets have this situation . A boy n girl are close friends too intimate. lets have one of the gender suddenly falls in love wit the other. wat 'll that gender do?'ll he hide it thinking the other gender will feel? 'll they show the love to the other when they know the other surely prefers only friendship? r 'll the other gender understand the situation and loves the ' friend '? help help help
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• Philippines
10 Oct 08
Okay, If I were in the situation, I will take a risk and try to confess my love to my friend. Eventhough I know that this will ruin our relationship as a friend, I will do it. I will tell him that Im falling for him because if i will continue to hide my feelings for him, I am too will suffer. So answerinf you question, I will not hide in a shell and try to choose the love of my friend. How will you know that your friend also have feelings for you if you will not tell it to him, right?
• India
10 Oct 08
k dude thanks