the weirds thing happen to me yesterday! NEARST DEATH EXPERIENCE

United States
October 9, 2008 3:57pm CST
the weird thing happen to me yesterday , it was on monday i met this pretty girl right we have so much in common she is a leo nd im a cancer we had a littlle conversation right but i never mention anything that has to do with love or any sign you i kind of llke her but she dosent know any thing right so tuesday past i was going to see if i could try to tell her how i feel but some how i feel like it wasn't time right so wendsday is the weird;s day ever .you know i have a daily routine as soonest school go out i was suppost to pick my little sister from school rite so you know how life is iam riding on a 1992 toyota previa it a mini van it has been riding for a long time so you know it look very messy nd everything you know so i was at red light getting ready to make left ,the light finaly turn green so i made the turn nd after that turn 10 past my back tire rip apart like the layer came out of it so it almost cugh on fire so i hit the brake by accident it made this loud sound nd i stop get out of the car check i was 1 munite away from death but thank god were i stoped there were a bunch of mechanic guys fixing cars and all of them stop and staring at young kid almost die the came up to me and ask me if i was alright i told them if they could watch the car for me while i ran to my syster school nd pick hem up so when i came there's the girl i meet in school geting out her house comming to ask me if she could help me out nd i looked so supprising nd embarrasing nd i told no i was alrite cuz the guys helping me out then she said oh it how u doing then she told me that she to go in then she wave goodbye to me with a smile man i was so happy (now i know this is none of your buissnes but what do you think is this a sign is god try to me me something or what my car got mess up in front of a pretty girl i just meet .so do you think i should talk to her the nxt time i see her about starting a realation ship )mam i apprecite you for reading this and now plz share your discussion with me plz!!!!!!!MUCH LOVE TO YOU
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