School Issue!!!!!

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October 9, 2008 5:03pm CST
Well I have an issue with my sons teacher. Keep in mind that he is 4 years old. I know kids at that age fight and argue with other children. But today was the first day my son was in trouble in school. His teacher called me at home and told me that my son and another kid were fighting. I asked what had happen and she said my son spit at another kid. No i am not making excuses for my son. I know he would not do something like that if he was not being taunted. He is a loving child and knows that he does not hit other children let alone anyone. So i asked the teacher what had happen and she said that they were fighting over a toy. Well i understand that like i said thats kid stuff. I asked what the other child did to him she said that the other child didnt do anything. So i went to the school to pick up my son. I asked him what had happen and he said the other child was pushing him. I asked his bus driver if there had been problems on the bus with the 2 children and she said that there has but she keeps them apart on the bus. So i want to resolve this issue but i dont want to come about it the wrong way. Any suggestions on how i can resolve this. He always comes home stating that the child he fought with is mean to him. So i have also called the teacher to find out what is going on and she said that she has not seen that. Okay i am done, if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Thank you for your time reading this.
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9 Oct 08
Alright I have tried to post this response three times and my computer keep logging out. Sorry You need to talke this to his teacher again and make her realize that thisis not your sons normal behavior. She needs to seperate them in calss. If the bus driver can do it then so can she. There is no reason this should happen in pre or kinder. It is a pity that our little guys feel threatened in this young class. Now if that doe not work then Ai would go to administration. No reason again they should not be involved in this problem. Unfortunately, these early years mold how our kids act later on in school, so I would take it very seriously. Tell your little guy that if he is having a problem with htis little boy then he needs to tell the teacher or a play ground attendant. We recently had a problem similar. We got teacher and principal involved. Turns out the other little boy had been bullied and he was just paying it forward. nice huh. I hope this works or helps you alittle
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10 Oct 08
I have told my little one not to act the way he sees others acting. He knows how to tell someone he is having a problem, but he gets scared to tell he does not want to get others into trouble. Thats the problem i am having with him. I plan on talking to the teacheron monday they dont have school on fridays we live in a small town. Then if that does not get resolved i will do through the proper ways to handle this. I will not have a teacher blame one and not find out the truth. Okay well thank you for you advice and i hope this works for me.