how are you living the university life.

October 9, 2008 5:13pm CST
my university life is kind of interesting. i attend a christian institution with very strict rules. you have to maintain a level of modesty in everthing you do , from your dress to your speech. we can,t party on campus, but we find the spots off campus. the weekends are rockin, we go to beach, here the beaches are really beautiful, clubbing, parties, street dances, where ever the vibes is we are certainly there. we even go to parties at other universities. we just plan to enjoy ourselves now, before we venture into the world of starting a family. we also have to study hard, because its not easy and we want to be successful in the end.
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@belk89 (1103)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
The university where i attend is not strict when it comes to modesty. But they are pretty strict on dress code. We are not allowed to enter the campus wearing miniskirt or sleeveless. So everytime i went to school i have to wear jeans and blouse with sleeve. It irritates me coz there are clothes anyways that are not revealing even its a sleeveless. I was happy that i was over that rules already and finally have graduated. I no longer have to worry what clothes to wear every friday.
10 Oct 08
University life is good but its not like schooling where we had lots of fun. University life is somewhat like profession where we hav to think about our carrer too along with enjoyment.We live university life like goin and coming back home and stay there . Since i am from india i would like to say that we dont have too much fun as compare to foreign students like usa or london...... so university is somewhat not enjoying...........
10 Oct 08
For me, living the university life can be one of our most joyful experiences in our life... We confess that we only live that once a life time... Every weekend me and my friends eat together and then sleep in someone's place... Wow, that was very very funny moment... And also unforgettable moment in my life... Living our university lives doesn't mean we can't enjoy our precious time, does it ???
@bwaybaby (904)
• United States
10 Oct 08
My university life isn't exactly typical. I go to school in NYC, so we don't have a campus. We go out into the city quite a bit, as our school has very little community. We don't really have parties in our dorms- most of them are a bit too small for real parties. It's got it's pros and cons. We get a chance to know what it's really like to live in the real world instead of safely confined on a campus. We don't have any real sense of community- you have to work hard to make friends. I love it, though.
@srik11 (483)
• India
10 Oct 08
hello siddy.. this is my first couple of months in a far as i am concerned i have been enjoying it.first day it was obviously nervous...but soon everything became normal. university life is a bit mechanical i would say..gettin up early,going to your building,...but the best part of university is the weekends.. stayin up late watchin movies ,playin cricket in our incredibly small rooms, bday parties and so on.. for me though i have been just for a while now but certainly university days have become unforgettable......:)
@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
9 Oct 08
I have to admit that campus life is the most exciting part during our lives. There are so many memories including joys ans sorrows. Sikpping classes, complaining the school canteen food, quarrelling with your roommates, being late are actually colourful. Once in a while, some superstars came to my university, we cheered and shouted though most of the students were not the star fan. We were there just to make up the number, lol