and her child.

United States
October 9, 2008 7:26pm CST
so im pretty upset with my cousin. she has a baby thats almost a year old, she doesnt want him. it all started with my other cousin,(her sister)'s wedding. my cousin was down with her baby(she lives about 4 hrs away) visitins and to atend teh wedding. after the wedding she asked my aunt i she culs baby sit because her mother in law refused to anymore and shes a manager at a fast food restaurand, and she didnt have a baby sitter. teh babys father was also a manager at a different restaurant and they had gotten in a fight anyway. my aunt agreed to it, and she baby sat the baby for about a week.. well. a week later my cousin called eh rmom to let her knwo that she needed her to babysit for a while more, and she woudld not be able to make it untill another week. so. a week turned into a month. throughout this month, my aunt called teh baby's fathers mom to find out why she was no longer wanting to babysit. well the lady said that what happened was my cousin and her bf made her move to their home which is 4 hour away form where she lived, tehy had her staying at their apartment, but they would not pay her an dwoudl not let he rgo visit her home on weekends or anyting like that, so she got tired of it. well my aut said ok whatever and she continued to take care of teh baby. so last month...5 months after my cousins wedding that was in aut was still taking care of the baby and my cousin would come evert otyehr weekedn just to drop off diapers and leave. my aunt finally got tired of it, and told my cousin that it had been too long and she had to pic up her kid. my cousin ended up telling aunt that in her plans for teh bills that sh ehad to pay, she didnt include paying for a baby sitter!basicallkty my cousin thought she coudl leave the baby with my aunt and that she woudlnt have to dio anything about it! after fighitng for an entire month, my cousin finally picked up her son, afetr 6 months. what makes me most angry is tht when we were younger i remember my aunt asking her to help her with her little sister, and she would tell her "why should i? thats not my kid!"....
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