cars ( i am so depressed someone i need advice)

United States
October 9, 2008 9:18pm CST
what would you do if you just paid off your car and went to get an inspection and found out that you have an electrical problem that wont let you pass for the inspections and then they tell you that they found another problem. that you have blow by. which is when your oil goes into your exhaust? is it wrong to cry? i mean i felt like someone just beat me. i worked so hard i 5 years to pay this piece of crp car off only to be told that this is happening. wtf. does anyone have some support or advice for me. i am really down and out. i will start my new job on the 20th but until then i wont be able to drive. so know i have to worry about transportation. does life get any better? some one help. lol.
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• Malaysia
10 Oct 08
Hi firebirdlizant, life is full of challenge and compare you to others, you are much more better than that. Some people don't even able to purchase or own a car. . Think that you are so glad that they are able to detect that earlier, as it will not put your life into high risk. This also prevent for any unhappy situation might happened. So after the fix, you are safe and can drive that happily without fear then. You are right, you should look into your transportation for the new job first. All the best !