What to do if dog is coughing and eating grass?

Harley - my new baby
@NCgirl (488)
October 10, 2008 12:46am CST
I just got a new dog, she's a 4 year old labrador, my husband and I adopted her just barely a month ago. She is so sweet, and we're buddies, I'm like taking care of a real kid. She whines a lot! Anyway, just this morning, her strange coughing sound woke me up, it sounds like she's choking and trying to clear her throat, I was so worried that I hurried and walk her outside the house, thinking maybe she needs air or she feels suffocated. When she got outside, she ran on the lawn and started eating grass. That's strange! I have never seen a dog eating grass before.. And then she threw up a white fluid. I'm guessing she have an upset stomach, I got her to drink a lot of water and eventually she ate too.. she still feels like throwing up..but after some minutes she was fine. What was that? Have you seen your dog experience that? I'm still worried it might lead to something worse. Any info?
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
10 Oct 08
It seems that she has a stomach upset. If it persists do contact a vet. If it was a one off I would not worry much about it.
• United States
10 Oct 08
if she is eating grass that means she is constipated and trying to get ruffage in her system. it is very natural every once in a while, but if she keeps doing it over and over again for a few days, there is definitely a bigger problem.
@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
It's natural for a dog to eat grass when having a stomach ache. Grasses are natural medicines for them as we humans also use natural plants for herbal medicines. I saw dogs eat grass too and our cat once ate went to the garden and nibbled on the grass and after that he was okay.
• United States
10 Oct 08
A dog eats grass when they do not feel good, usually their stomach hurts. They will also eat grass to make him or herself regurgitate any toxin or food that made him or her sick. All dogs do this by instinct.