Change is the only constant thing in this world

@mayrah (1037)
October 10, 2008 1:31am CST
Do you agree with this? We cannot stick to anything or anyone as they all will pass away. Because there is no constant thing in this world. Only God and change are constant. Even our feelings, our likes, dislikes, security, stability, all of them may change. Are you not bothered that someday everything you have now might loss? How would you face the changes that might come to you later on?
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• India
10 Oct 08
even change is not constant because, that too have the habit of "changing". what is constant? which remains unchanged. so there is nothing constant in this world my dear friend. so the only thing which is constant in this world is, me like persons character, which never change for anyone for any reason. but it will be better if those persons character is Good & honest, which is unchanged for anyone!
@Fedas777 (140)
• Ireland
10 Oct 08
I am afraid nothing is constant in this world. Change is a dynamic it's not a constant. God i don't know. There are many religions all have their benefits and minuses but does it real exist? But still there is one constant thing in the world. Your parents? Do what you want but people who gave you life will stay the same. And what about changes they make us stronger. Just thing what you was doing 5 years ago, what are you doing now. And thing or would you do same mistakes what you had 5 years ago