why student are always in rush?

@mapuang (615)
October 10, 2008 2:38am CST
this morning i have lots of customer here in my computer shop,its because lots of students are rush in their projects. 1 week had past but only today they do they're project. they doesnt care if they are going to be late in their school as long as i finish printing their project. i dont know why some student pass projects and do their projects on the day it will going to be passed???
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• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
student is rush? hahaha... student in "latin" meaning "clumsy" or "badly manage"... hahaha ... i'm just joking. i'm a student, everybody i think majority used to be a student. the answer is simple, student like to enjoy, lazy to study, always put important things behind, and result of all that...student loves doing work last minute! am i right? that's why there's a pharse very synonyms for students... dont study last minute~!
@eiram25 (1077)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
i guess most of the students do their projects when nearing deadline.i used to be one when i was still a student.lolz! i guess it's because you can make your projects faster when it's done nearing or during deadlines.i can still remember when doing paper works.it's so hard for me to make one,but when it's almost deadline,suddenly lots of ideas enter my mind.and that's when i get to make my paper works faster.well,at least you earned a lot on that day because many students came rushing in your shop to make their projects.happy mylotting!
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
this is the last week of their class and they are in hurry to pass all the requirement just to complete all of it they need to have some overtime because they are depending to the internet when it comes to term papers, it is much easier for them to finish in a short time than going to the library.