will the concept of having money changed?!

October 10, 2008 3:24am CST
at ancient times there was nothing called money but rather there was something called value! you have valuable things then you can trade and buy another things by exchanging this valuable things with another according to the physical meaning of the value! so if i have 1 sheep for example then i can exchange it with 15 chickens and 100 eggs.. so if you have 100 sheep you are very rich! it was too hard to exchange goods with this method..sometimes you have valuable things but people don't need it..also you may need to have only one egg so how to deal with that and you have 1 sheep?..it forces you to exchange the whole 1 sheep with another things that have the same value of it..so that's why people tried to change the concept of having value to a standard form which has the same value everywhere and you can carry easily..it was the GOLD ! so first meaning of having money was having gold! in the past may be at hundreds of years ago the only thing that was resembles that you have money or not was having gold!..you have some gold then you have some money..you don't have gold so you don't have money!..it was enroled in the entire life and was the only money exchange method at that time.. many years after it became too hard to hold huge funds of money with you..huge funds means huge amount of gold coins which may have great weight at at the same time not safe to move with because it will be very noticable by theives so they changed the method and created the money system so that for example if you have $1 then you have 1 coin of gold and according to this every thing changed and no one became holder to gold anymore yet it become with banks only and people hold paper money which means that the bank owes them the same amount of this amount of money but with gold! years after it became very confused to be in a situation when shopping for example and don't have enough money at the moment but you have money at home or bank!..people become in a great need to have all their usable money at hand & at the same time with safe methods and this forces the world to enrol a new meanning of money which is Debt and an example of it is Visa & Master card and so on..so that limits the use of paper money and most of people now using visa even if he have some money!!..money system was killed by this method! years and years after and because of the creation of the internet and the openning of the trades between countries with each others a new concept has appeared!..people now want to shop from the internet from any country without the need to travel to it!..they want to shop and pay money but at the same time they don't have the time or effort to travel especially this purpose!..that make a new method called electronic money payments to appear!..yet it become very prefferable by people to use electronic money than the visa or whatever..so you have money means you have some digit numbers in your account and i think this step deleted the mean of having money from the world!..yes that's because in the past when we have money then we have a physical amount of it in our hands when the money we own increase the amount of this physical thing increase so you feel you have much money but now whatever amount you have you don't feel anything..you don't really own a physical represntation of the money you own!..you have either visa or paypal account or anything that resembles tha amount of money you have! that was simply the evolution of the meanning of having money from the beginning till now..so what about the next step of this evolution?! do we are in a need for another method to trade easily or it just stopped to this limit?! what is your opinion in that evolution? do you have any comments or ideas?!
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
More and more money is being represented by less tangible things like paper cash. We can now purchase things using electronic means. This has been a steady evolution and who knows what will happen next?
10 Oct 08
Hi Milanovich, Can you imagine someone mugging you for a sheep, hehe, as I am ol fashion, I prefer to have cash on me I hate plastic but this day and age you have to use them. I always get cash from the machine and shop with cash on me as I do attend to over spend if I use the card. Tamara
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